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Gourd Christmas Ornaments

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In Pre-Columbian times, decorated gourds were used throughout the Andes. Today they're an excellent natural and sustainable way to decorate your Christmas tree, mantle etc. for the holidays. Christmas ornaments are a present idea that will remind the recipient of your thoughtfulness year after year.

Gourd Angels with Metal Wings     $7.50 each
Cute as can be, these new gourd angels will be a hit on your tree for kids and adults.
(Sorry - MA:GORN-PEANGL and MA:GORN-FLANGL are out of stock.)

Gourd angel with metal wings from Peru. Gourd angel with metal wings from peru.

Choose Design:

Cute gourd penguin.

Penguin Gourd Ornament
$7.50 each

This little penguin is perfect for the person who loves penguins, or anyone who loves cute ornaments!
(Sorry - out of stock.)


Etched gourd Christmas tree ornaments with BUTTERFLY designs from Peru.

New!Etched Butterfly Gourd Ornaments
$9.00 each

MA:GORN:ET-BUTC (left) and
MA:GORN:ET-BUT (right)

Do you have any friends or co-workers who love insects in order "Lepidoptera" - butterflies? You won't need any flower nectar to keep these butterflies displaying their delicate beauty on your Christmas tree. Can't decide whether you like thalese butterflies in just the earthtone browns of the etched gourd, or whether the added splashes of color are better? Don't stress - get some of each style.
(Sorry - out of stock.)

Etched gourd Christmas tree ornaments with Elephant, Frog and Fish designs from Peru.

New! New Gourd Ornaments - Elephant, Frog or Fish     $9.50 each

Elephant: RJ:GORN-ELE (left)   Frog: RJ:GORN-FRO (top)   and Fish: RJ:GORN-FIS (right)

Add more nature to your Christmas decorations in the form of these animals not normally found together - elephants, frogs and fish.

Choose Style:

Etched gourd Christmas tree ornaments with BUTTERFLY or Dragonfly designs from Peru.

New!Light Natural Gourd Ornaments - Butterfly or Dragonfly     $14.00 each

RJ:GORN:BUT-WH (left) and RJ:GORN:DFLY-WH (right)

Looking for some slightly lighter colors? Brand new this year are some light natural gourd Christmas ornaments, etched with a variety of designs. Here are butterflies with flowers, and dragonflies with flowers.
(Sorry - RJ:GORNDFLY-WH is out of stock.)

Choose Style:

Etched gourd Christmas tree ornaments with Owl or Turtle designs from Peru.

New!Light Natural Gourd Ornaments - Butterfly or Dragonfly     $14.00 each

RJ:GORN:OWL-WH (left) and RJ:GORN:TUR-WH (right)

Brand new this year are some light natural gourd Christmas ornaments, etched with a variety of designs. Add a wise owl or swimming sea turtle to your Christmas festivities.
About 3.5" high.

Choose Style:

Hummingbirds and flowers on etched natural gourds, crafted in Peru. Christmas ornament.

New!Etched Hummingbird Gourd Ornaments     $9.00 each

MA:GORN:ET-HUMC (left) and MA:GORN:ET-HUM (right)

Sorry the MA:GORN-ET-HUM is out of stock

Did you know that hummingbirds are the only birds able to fly backwards? Most people know that hummingbirds flap their wings really quickly, but we didn't know that the rate can be 12 - 90 times per second!

You'l be able to easily see the wings on the hummingbirds depicted on our new hummingbird and flower gourd ornaments. As with the butterfly ornaments shown above, we offer you earthtones, and earthtones with a bit of color added.
(Sorry, out of stock)

Our Fair Trade gourd Christmas ornaments are hand-made by artisans in Huancayo, Peru where there's a long and rich tradition in craft production. In Pre-Columbian times, decorated gourds were used throughout the Andes.

Noah's Ark Christmas tree ornament - Peruvian goards.

Noah's Ark Gourd Ornament
$11.00 each

Shown here are two views of a Noah's Ark Christmas tree ornament.
Pairs of animals line up around this Peruvian gourd to get into Noah's Ark.

Red Gourd Santa ornament from Peru for your Christmas Tree.

Red Santa Gourd Hanging Ornament   $6.50
Our natural colored Santas (below) have been very popular and we think you'll love these red ones, also!
About 3 - 3.5" high and about 2 - 2.5" diameter at his base.

3 Gourd mouse ornaments from Peru.

Gourd Mouse Ornaments
$7.50 each

MA:GORN:MOU-NA (natural), -BR (dark brown), and -RD (red).

Usually having a mouse in your house, no less on your Christmas tree, would not be a good thing, but now that you've seen our new mouse gourd ornaments, we know you'll want at least one of the three colors.

Choose Color:

Full Figure Gourd Ornaments     $6.50 each

Gourd ornaments from Peru - man, woman and Santa.

These detailed ornaments from whole gourds will be a great addition to any Christmas tree. These are individual and natural artworks, so gourd sizes and artistic designs will vary slightly. Sizes are approximately 2.5 - 3" high and about 1.5 - 2" diameter at the base.

Choose Design:

Standing Santa decoration, and red Santa gourd box from Peru.

(left) Santa Decoration   $9.00
EP:GRD-SANTA-R (no hook)
This gourd Santa will look great nestled among your decorative mantle greens. About 4.5" high, 3" in diameter.

(right) Santa Box   $9.00
In addition to being decorative, the Santa on the right is also a box, just like many other gourd boxes that we offer. Stash a few Christmas candies, extra lights, Christmas jewelry, ... About 4.25" high, 2.75" in diameter.

Santa in Sleigh Gourd Christmas ornament from Peru. Santa in Sleigh Gourd Christmas ornament from Peru.

Santa in Sleigh Ornament
Black Gourd   $8.50


Santa in Sleigh Ornament
Natural Gourd   $8.50


Orange Gourd Christmas ornament from Peru with Christmas tree design.

Green Gourd Christmas ornament from Peru with Christmas tree design.

Red Gourd Christmas ornament from Peru with Christmas tree design.

Gourd Ornaments with Tree Designs     $9.00 each

New and fun for your Christmas tree are.... Christmas trees!
Excellent present, or decoration for a present's box, nestled among a ribbon's loops.

Choose Color:

Orange natural gourd snowman Christmas tree ornament from Peru.
Orange Snowman

Natural color natural gourd snowman Christmas tree ornament from Peru.
Natural Snowman

Red natural gourd snowman Christmas tree ornament from Peru.
Red Snowman

Snowman Gourd Ornaments       $9.50 each

How much cuter could these little guys possibly be!? They'll love hanging around in your Christmas tree (or your friend's tree).
(Sorry - Red Snowmen are out of stock.)

Choose Color:

Gourd vessels were elaborately etched in scenes that told stories - the latest news or ancient legends. Vessels thus decorated were used locally but also to carry messages between regions. Now, the only area where this 2000 year old tradition survives is in the twin villages of Cocha Chicas and Cochas Grandes, a short drive from the city of Huancayo.

Gourd Ornaments with Cat Designs!
Dogs have owners, but cats have staff.
If you're part of the household staff to your kitty, or you have a friend who is, be sure to get a couple of these feline ornaments!

Calico cat gourd ornament from Peru - Christmas tree decoration.

New!Calico Cat Christmas Ornament     $8.50 each   EP:GORN-CAT-CL
Calico kitties may not be a breed unto themselves, but we love them! Science cannot predict what color pattern a calico cat will have, and most of us can't predict what our individual cats will do next. But we can guarantee that this gourd cat ornament will happily sit in your Christmas tree without knocking off any other decorations.

Natural gourd Christmas Ornament with kitty cat design.

Kuddling Kitty

About 2.5" high, 3" wide

Cats playing with strings on gourd Christmas ornaments from Peru.

Kitties Playing with String       $8.50   EP:GORN-CATWSTR
This photo shows one example of the front and back sides of new kitty Christmas ornaments from Peru. Cats find it hard to resist a ball of string, and we couldn't resist sharing this new "kitty action ornament" with you. Kitty string action designs will vary. Like all ornaments on this page, dimensions will vary -- about 2.5" high and 3" wide.

Pear and Ball Cat Gourd Ornaments    $6.00 each
(Sorry Ball Natural is out of stock.)

Shape Choice:

Black and brown Gourd Christmas bell-shaped ornaments with Cat designs - from Peru.

Bell-Shaped Cat Gourd Ornaments
$7.50 each

Black and Natural: MA:GORN-CAT-BELL
Black and Red: MA:GORN-CAT-BELL-R

Color Choice:

(about 2 1/2" high x 2 1/2" wide)

 gourd natural Christmas ornaments crafted in Peru.

(about 2 1/2" high x 2 1/2" wide)

Pear-shaped Gourd Ornaments

Pear-shaped Gourd Choices

Pears are a variety of shapes,
ranging from round to bell-shaped,
and so we call these uncut gourd
Christmas ornaments "pear-shaped".

Ladybug Gourd Christmas tree Ornament from Peru.
Ladybug christmas ornament - painted red!

Ladybug Gourd Ornament       $9.50
(about 3" in diameter)
Ladybud Ornament Out of Stock

New Red Painted
Ladybug Gourd Ornament       $8.50


fish design on black or brown background - gourd Christmas Ornament from Peru.

Fish Gourd Ornaments       $9.50
Black (left) GORN-FIS-BK
Brown (right) GORN-FIS-BR
(about 3" in diameter)

(Sorry - Black Color is out of stock.)

Choose Background Color:

Butterfly gourd Christmas ornament, crafted in Peru.

Butterfly Christmas Ornament with Tagua Nut Bead
Two natural materials - gourds and tagua nuts -
team up to provide you with a great
Christmas decoration for friends and family.

Peace Doves on Teal, red or orange painted and etched natural gourd from Peru.

Painted Peace Dove Gourd Ornament       $8.50
Christmas is traditionally a time to ask for peace on earth.
Share your hope for peace with these peace doves on a complete, natural Peruvian gourd. Available in (from left to right) orange, teal, and red.

(Sorry - Red Doves is out of stock.)

Peace Dove Color:

Natural gourds from Peru with flower designs - Christmas tree ornaments.

Full Gourd Ornaments with Flowers
$6.00 each

MA:GORN:PT-FLWR (bottom)

Put a bit of spring onto your Christmas tree with flowers on Peruvian gourd ornaments.
(Sorry - MA:GORN:PT-FLWR is out of stock.)

Choose Style:

Colorful painted gourd Christmas ornament from Peru.

MultiColored Gourd Ornament


This detailed and colorful gourd Christmas ornament
will definitely add a unique blend of colors to your tree!

Bell-Shaped Gourds - Assorted Designs
$6.25 each  -or-  3 for $18.00

These bell-shaped gourd ornaments have a clapper on the bottom.

1 ornament for $6.25


3 ornaments for $18.00

(Flat-Bottom Round gourds are about 1 3/4" high, and about 2" - 2 1/2" in diameter)

abstract design, red gourd Christmas ornaments crafted in Peru.

Red Abstract Design
Gourd Ornaments
$5.00 each

Flat bottom

Red Abstract Choices

abstract designs - natural colors - Christmas ornaments from Peru.

Brown Abstract Design
Gourd Ornaments
$5.00 each

Flat bottom

Brown Abstract Choices

artisan photo washing Peruvian gourds.
drying the gourds.

Gourds are available in a variety of sizes, so artisans usually contract with growers for a certain approximate size in the sowing season, October. The gourds are ready to be worked the following June.

The gourds are smooth on the outside and velvety on the inside. The sun-dried gourd is trimmed and washed, readying it for decoration.

Decorations are carved, etched and burned into the gourd. Sometimes they are only burned or "toasted", making a design with softer edges than those with carved or etched designs.

After a gourd is decorated, it is washed again, and then dried further in a kiln or over a flame. Sometimes a gourd is further decorated by being rewashed and finished.

Peace Dove and One World Projects' Friendship
Flat-bottom Gourd Ornaments

peace dove gourd ornament from Peru.

(left) Peace Dove   $5.00
(Sorry - out of stock.)

(right) One World Projects' Friendship   $5.00
(Sorry - out of stock.)

Bells etched on natural gourds from Peru.

Bells All Around     $6.00

What's Christmas without the jingle of bells proclaiming joy and cheer?

Bells adorned with ribbons circle this full gourd ornament, ringing all the way from Peru.

Flower Gourd Ornaments   $5.00
(Sorry - design FL1, FL2, FL3 and FL4 are out of stock.)

Flower design Gourd Christmas ornaments hand-made in Peru.

Flower Gourd Choices:

Earthtone Star Gourd Ornaments   $4.50

Gourd ornaments - natural colors with stars from Peru.

(Sorry - ST-1 and ST-3D are out of stock.)

Earthtone Star Choices:

Colorful Star Gourd Ornaments   $5.00

gourd Christmas Ornaments from Peru.
gourd Christmas Ornaments from Peru.

Gourd Ornaments!
(shown right)
Red Ornament
with Green Stars

Green Ornament
with White Stars

(Sorry - Green Ornament is out of stock.)

GORN-ST-6C-Green-Red Gourd Christmas ornament from Peru. Green large and small star gourd christmas ornament from Peru.

Colorful Stars:   5C / 6C Choices:

Flat-Bottom Bell or Holly Design Gourd Ornaments   $4.50

Bell Gourd Christmas ornaments hand-made in Peru. Holly decorated gourd ornament.

Bell or Holly





Front and back views of Rooster gourd and ceramic Christmas tree ornaments from Peru.

Rooster Gourd and Ceramic Ornament   $10.50
This unique piece of craftsmanship, a rooster with a gourd body and ceramic detailings, could make a perfect gift for your farmer friends this season. Cock-a-doodle-doo! About 4.25" high, 3.5" wide. Front and back are shown here.
(Sorry - out of stock.)

Gourd cat with ceramic ears and tail - from Peru.

Gourd Cat with Ceramic Ears and Tail
$14.50 each


A small hook is attached so you can hang a kitty up on a tree, wreath or other decoration.

Using gourds to make beautiful decorative and utilitarian products is an ancient tradition throughout the Andes. We hope you'll help us support these Peruvian artisans - their fairly traded Christmas ornaments will make an excellent positive social and environmental statement in your household.

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