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Orange Peel Jewelry

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Two women are hard at work creating your orange peel jewelry.

As it turns out, Vitamin C is great for your health, and your wardrobe! Our funky orange peel jewelry is created by artisans at Joca Orange, a Colombian artisan group that creates aromatic accessories from the sweet-smelling citrus peel. Joca Orange collects the peels from juice vendors and restaurants, then distributes them to artisans who use their imagination, creativity and rainbow of natural dyes to create playful earrings, bracelets, necklaces and key rings.

Orange Peel Necklaces

Orange Peel twists decorate this orange peel necklace from Colombia.

Twisted Spiral Necklace   29.00

Isn't this a fun design?! The photo shows the necklace in its entirety, plus a closeup to show you the detail of the long twists of orange peel. The orange peels are on an adjustable cord to suit different outfits.

We also carry a bracelet (below) that is crafted from many short twist segments.

Orange peel rainbow colors necklace from Colombia.

Long Orange Peel and
Acai Seed Necklace


You'll love this rainbow of colors around your neck.
It's a continuous strand of nature, with
a hanging length of about 16".

Dual Color, Double-Strand
Orange Peel, Acai Seed and Bombona Seed Necklaces
$25 each

You'll have double the fun with these 2-strand necklaces fashioned from rolls of orange peels, acai palm seeds and bombona palm seeds! The necklaces stay on with an extremely adjustable string, finished with an acai seed. (See the spiral necklace above or the adjustable string bracelets below.)

Shown on the right and below middle is the Pink with Red necklace; Blue with Purple shown below left (Sorry - out of stock.), and Green with Purple shown below right.


Orange Peel, Acai and Bombona seed Necklace crafted in Colombia.
Orange peel, Acai and Bombona seed Necklaces from Colombia.

Single Color, Double-Strand
Orange Peel, Acai Seed and Bombona Seed Necklaces
$25 each

We also carry necklaces that feature 2 strands of rolled up orange peel, acai seeds, and bombona seeds, but have one main color. They're so new that they're not in stock yet, but they can be ordered by emailing or calling 585.343.4490 and discussing availability.

Orange Peel Bracelets

Purple and Green orange peel bracelet from Colombia.

Coiled Orange Peel and Acai Seed Bracelets

These fun and fragrant bracelets are available in 4 fashionable color combinations!

Shown here are Purple with Green (above left), Rainbow (below left), and Pink with Red (right).Pink with Red orange peel and acai seed bracelet from Colombia.

Also available is a very pretty Purple with Blue.


Rainbow orange peel bracelet from Colombia.

Single coil bracelet with clasp created from orange peels in Colombia.

Single Coil Bracelet   $10.00
Looking for a slightly smaller bracelet?
Look no further - this multi-colored rainbow bracelet features the rolled up orange peels in a single coil with a metal clasp.

(Sorry - out of stock.)

Orange Peel and acai seed bracelets with adjustable string - from Colombia.

Orange Peel and Acai Seed Adjustable String Bracelets     $10.00

Acai seeds decorate the ends of the sturdy string that you can adjust to many sizes on these aromatic bracelets.
4 color combos are available: Pink seeds with Red (top left), Purple with Blue (top right), Coffee with Orange (bottom left), and Purple with Green (bottom right).


Orange peel and seed bracelet crafted in Colombia.

Twisted Spiral Bracelet   $18.00
Orange peel twisted into spirals in a rainbow of colors, combined with seeds, plus an adjustable bracelet cord means a positive statement for anyone who values ecology and fashion.

Dyed orange peels in Colombia to be transformed into jewelry.

Behind the scenes...
Have a peek at some of the orange peels prior to them being fashioned into these cool necklaces, bracelets and earrings for you!

Orange Peel Earrings

Orange Peel earrings - handmade in Colombia.

Orange Peel and Acai Seed Earrings

Whether you wear these orange peel and acai seed earrings along with the bracelets and necklaces on this page, or if just wear the earrings, we're sure you'll receive compliments! Earring wires are bronze and coated with silver.

The colors shown here are (from left to right): Purple with Green, Purple with Blue (Sorry - out of stock.), and Coffee with Orange.
Plus, there are 4 colors not yet shown: Blue, Green (Sorry - out of stock.), Pink with Red, & Purple with Pink (Sorry - out of stock.).


Rolls of orange peel make a great dangling earring from Colombia.

Orange Roll Earrings   $10.00

A little longer than the orange and acai seed earrings above,
these dangling earrings are another option for social and
environmental fashion. Earring wires are bronze and coated with silver.
(Sorry - out of stock.)

Colombian woman at stove, dying orange peels for your jewelry.

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