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   Halloween: Bolivian Cloth Masks | Gourd Ornaments | Gourd Maracas | Peruvian Gourd Boxes

Bolivian Cloth Masks

Small and Large Bolivian Cloth Masks.

Textiles are an important part of Bolivian traditions. From childhood, the Bolivian people have learned to tend sheep and alpaca, spin weave and colorfully dye the fleece to make clothing, blankets, and carrying cloths.

In this changing world, however, aymara traditions are falling into disuse as they search for identity in a culture that is being superimposed upon them.

In an attempt to revive many of traditional techniques, as well as to express personal creativity, the artisans of "Artesania Sorata" are working together to present their artistic interpretations to the rest of the world.

These masks are very unique! Many of the products that we carry have a fair amount of variation, since they're works of art. This is especially true with these masks. We've shown a few of the masks so you can get a sense of them - there are MANY different designs and color combinations!

We carry handmade cloth masks in 2 sizes.

Large Bolivian Cloth Masks     $25.00
3 Large Bolivian Cloth Masks.

The large masks have a cloth piece on the back that sits on your head, like a cap. That's what keeps the mask on your head. The mask itself is about 13 or 14" high by about 9 - 11" wide. The cap part varies somewhat in size.

A shipment of Bolivian masks is on its way and we anticipate being able to send masks to you by Dec 1 or shortly thereafter.

Small Bolivian Cloth Masks     $21.00
3 small Bolivian cloth masks in a row.

These smaller masks utilize cloth ties to adjust the fit to size of your head. The cloth ties are about 14" long. These might be a better fit for folks with larger heads or fluffy hair because they are adjustable.

A shipment of Bolivian masks is on its way and we anticipate being able to send masks to you by Dec 1 or shortly thereafter.


Halloween Gourd Ornaments

We have Peruvian gourds that are decorated with Halloween themes. Kids of all ages will enjoy these witches, bats and spiders! These gourds are about 2.5" in diameter, and are ready to hang.

Halloween gourd ornaments for Halloween - from Peru.

Halloween Gourd Ornaments   $7.50 each


Halloween Gourd Maracas

Gourd maracas decorated with witches.

Halloween Gourd Maracas     $19.00
ADA-AYGHM       about 7-8" (Sorry - out of stock.)
Shake it up a bit this Halloween season (and perhaps all year round) with these Ayacucho Peruvian gourd pair of maracas. Illustrated with witches, they're a unique musical instrument and decoration.

Halloween Gourd Boxes

Each of these gourds is individually decorated by artisans in Ayacucho, Peru. While these box decorations are fun for any time of the year, they'll be especially appropriate around Halloween! Gourds, just like the Halloween pumpkins, are natural fruits that grow in a variety of sizes and shapes. The approximate size of these decorated gourd boxes is 5".

Halloween gourd carved pumpkin head from Peru.

Large Pumpkin Head Gourd Box

About 5"

Large and small gourd boxes decorated with witches.

New! Witch Gourd Boxes


Large: (about 5")



Small: (about 4")


Large gourd box from Peru with cat designs on it.

Large Cat Gourd Box
with Black, Brown and Tan Cats

about 5"

Large and small gourd boxes decorated with spiders.

Spider Gourd Boxes


Large: (about 5")



Small: (about 4")


We have additional gourds and gourd boxes that we invite you to check out, plus gourd Christmas ornaments.

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