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Overdyed Purses
These beautiful flowered accessories are so nice, you'll want one in every color. The small coin purses (top row) are zippered and lined. At about 4" high and 5" wide, they're perfect for credit cards, money and keys in a pocket or purse. The slightly larger shoulder purses (bottom row) are 5" high, 7" wide with a 21" black cord strap, so they can be a light, on-the-go purse or a larger wallet in a purse or backpack. Both purses are lined, with zipper closures.

Guatemalan coin bags and shoulder bags in 3 colors.

Small Coin Purse
(top row)



About 4" high, 5" wide.
(Sorry - out of stock.)

Shoulder Purse
(bottom row)



About 5" high, 7" wide,
21" strap
(Sorry - out of stock.)

Panel-style Waist Packs
(aka Fanny Packs, Pouches, Belt Packs, Hip Packs...)
Available in 2 sizes and 5 colors.

Great colors and practical, too. Hands-free traveling is yours with these well-crafted, handmade pouches with adjustable straps to go around your waist. In addition to the zipper you can see, there's another zipper pocket in the back. Lined with black cloth. Pouches are making a fashion comeback - make yours be Fair Trade and handmade!

Panel waist packs in multiple colors.

Colors will vary somewhat from those shown. The rainbow may have the most variation. (Pictured from left to right) Blue tones, Purple tones, Rainbow, Green tones, and Brown tones.





Widest point (between where the bottom of the straps attach) is 8.5". 4" high from top to bottom measured at the back. In the front, 3.5" high from top to bottom. At the top, 2.5" from front to back.





Widest point (between where the bottom of the straps attach) is 10". 5" high from top to bottom measured at the back. In the front, 4" high from top to bottom. At the top, 3" from front to back.

Zippered Panel Bags
We offer a variety of zippered bags in different sizes in this panel style. Each bag is lined with black cloth. Colors and style will vary! Shown below are some of the variations, but there also are some with narrower panels, so the stripes are even more pronounced. Why carry a bag where there are millions of others just like it? Enjoy being more unique while you help the Guatemalan women who craft these Fair Trade bags.

Coin Purse

3" x 4"




Carry your change in style with these panel-style cotton change purses, handmade by Guatemalan women.

Small Bag

4" x 5"


(Sorry, Rainbow is out of stock)


These small and larger (below) zippered bags will be helpful when you're traveling to help organize items in your suitcase, purse or totebag. Also can be used as a money wallet.

Large Bag

5" x 7"




Pencil Bag

4" x 8"




Yes, this size is great for pens and pencils, but let your imagination go wild. Use as a larger change purse, separate and organize small items when you're packing, keep emergency supplies in your car....

Small Cosmetic Bag

6" wide x 3" high x 2.5" deep




These small cosmetic bags (and the larger ones below) have a bottom, so there's more room in them for your goodies of any type. Use them for projects, or organizing just about anything around the house.

Large Cosmetic Bag

7" wide x 4" high x 2.5" deep




Panel Wallets     $10.50

Guatemalan cotton wallet - shown open.

We have so many fun colors in these functional wallets that you'll want a couple! You've got a spot for your paper money, 3 places to put credit cards, receipts, notes etc., plus a zippered pocket. It's all held nicely together with Velcro.

When opened, the dimensions are 8.5" x 5"; when closed the wallet is about 4" x 5".

You have 5 color families from which to choose, and representative wallets are shown below in each color family.


Blue cotton wallets from Guatemala. Brights or Rainbow color wallets from Guatemala. Earthtone cotton woven wallets from Guatemala.

Blue Tones

Brights / Rainbow

Earth Tones

Green wallets handmade in Guatemala. Purple wallets handmade in Guatemala.

Green Tones

Purple Tones

One World Peace Tote Bags

Closeup of embroidery on Guatemalan cotton tote bags. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone would join hands in peace? Promote that message on these One World Peace tote bags, and encourage cooperation in your own sphere of influence. To the right is a closeup of the tote bags' embroidered figures holding hands around the globe.

World Bag style 1 - handmade in Guatemala.

Flat One World Peace Tote Bag   $36.50

Shown left are front and back views of the flat One World Peace tote bag. Sturdy handles, attached in a stylish arrowhead design, top this 14" high, 15" wide tote. Top zipper closure. Lined, with 2 interior pockets.
(Sorry - out of stock.)

Deep One World Peace Tote Bag   $40.00
Also 14" high and 15" wide, this Guatemalan cotton tote bag will hold more items because of its 5" depth. A full-width zipper in the front closes a large exterior pocket that will help you stay organized. The back of this bag is similar to the fabric of the Flat bag shown above, except that the design is vertical instead of horizontal. Plus, there's a horizontal strip of heavy black fabric that holds the handles to the bag. Lined. No interior pocket.

Guatemalan bear pack for children.

Cotton Bear Back Pack   $24.00
This cute bear pack will make it fun for your child to carry favorite toys or books on family trips or to school. 11" high and 9" wide, this Guatemalan bear is lined. It's also a great room storage decoration because there's a loop for hanging the bear up on a hook. No pockets. The straps adjust from 14" to 24". Materials will vary somewhat, but this is typical.
(Sorry - out of stock.)

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