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Colombian Seed Jewelry

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Cobble Stone Street in Villa de Leyva

Cobble Stone Street in Villa de Leyva

Colombian Artisan Drilling Holes in Seeds

Colombian Artisan Drilling Holes in Seeds

Seed Jewelry Project Helps Colombian Youths

In the mid 1990s, Joyeria Semilla, Spanish for "seed jewelry," began its small fair trade workshop to provide much needed jobs and services to Colombian youth. Located in the Andean town of Villa de Leyva, 7,200 feet above sea level, Joyeria Semilla serves young people ages 9-25 who are at high risk of delinquency.

Youths are given the opportunity to study a craft and earn an income. After learning to use the tools of the trade and understanding the basics of jewelry-making, these young artisans create pieces made from seeds and small pieces of bamboo found locally.

The project serves underprivileged youth who struggle with alcoholism, prostitution, begging and thievery - the all too familiar products of communities with limited education or employment prospects. Several of the artisans are also single mothers, and for most, this is their only safe way to earn a living.

When funds are available, the workshop provides a daily meal and housing to the neediest. Unfortunately, the lack of a profitable market for the jewelry has resulted in a lower number of youth who can be employed and some services have decreased. Until recently, the jewelry was primarily sold in local Colombian markets. But now, with the assistance of fair trade importers like One World Projects, there is renewed hope that sustainable income can provide for the needs of these disadvantaged young people.

Please help the workshop through your fair trade purchases - together we can make a real difference to some young artisans in Colombia.

4 strands of bright red Colombian seeds make up this necklace. 4-Strand Red Seed Necklace!

This striking natural seed necklace, crafted with 4 strands of bright red seeds, is sure to bring you compliments.

17" long

Colombian red seed necklace with silver beads. 4-Strand Red Seed and Silver Pearl Necklace

Love the necklace above, but want a bit of silver, too? That's what we now have! The small silver spheres add an extra touch of fashion. Very pretty!

Red Choco Seed Coiled Bracelet and Bola w/ Pink Tagua Nuts

Coiled Bracelet and Bola made from Red Choco Seeds and Pink Tagua Nuts

Red Choco Seed Coiled Bracelet     $14.00
1 1/4" high x 2 1/2" diameter

(Sorry - out of stock.)


Red Choco Seed Bola
with Pink Tagua Nuts    $20.00

45" length    SE:TS-B1

Black Seed Bola
with Red Tagua Nuts    $20.00

45" length      SE:TS-B2
(Sorry - out of stock.)

Black Seed Bola w/ Red Tagua Nuts

Coiled Bracelets and Collars

Coiled seed bracelet - Palmita and Chirilla seeds from Colombia. Coiled seed and bamboo bracelet - bamboo and chirilla seeds from Colombia. coiled white bean and chirilla seed bracelet - from Colombia.

Coiled Palmita and Chirilla Seed Bracelet
1 1/4" high x 2 1/2" diameter

Coiled Bamboo and Chirilla Seed Bracelet
1" high x 2 1/2" diameter

Coiled White Bean and Chirilla Seed Bracelet
1" high x 2 1/2" diameter

SE-WB2 : Red seed bracelet from Colombia. SE-WB4: Colombian seed bracelet.

New!Wide All-Red Seed Elastic Bracelet


New!Wide Black with Red Edge Seed Elastic Bracelet


bean bracelet from colombia. elastic seed bead bracelet from colombia.

Black Coiled Bean Bracelet
1 1/2" high x 2 3/4"diameter

Wide Elastic Red Seed Bracelet
2" wide

Light or dark bamboo necklace.

Coiled Bean and Bamboo Collar    $12.00
1" high x 5" diameter
SE:CC-2 (light bamboo) or SE:CC-2D (dark bamboo)
(Sorry - out of stock) >

Coiled Black Seed Bracelet    $12.00  
1" high x 2 1/4"diameter

Coiled Black Seed and Bamboo Collar    $12.00
1/2" high x 5 3/4"diameter
SE:CC-3 (light bamboo) and SE:CC-3D (dark bamboo)

Color - Lt. Brown (Natural)

Bamboo and Choco Seed Collars    $5.00

6 1/4" diameter
Collars have an elastic band.
One Size Fits All
(Sorry - out of stock.)

bamboo and choco seed necklace - dark color.

Color - Black (Stained)

3 Tagua and Sterling Silver Bracelets

Tagua and Sterling Silver Bracelets   $39.00

w/ Elastic Band
1" wide x 2 1/4" diameter


Sorry SE:TG-B2 is out of stock

Choco Seed Earring - Short

Short Choco Seed Earrings    $ 16.00
1/2" wide x 1 1/4" long


Choco Seed Earring - Long

Long Choco Seed Earrings    $ 16.00
1/2" wide x 1 3/4" long

Collar of Turned Red Tagua w/ Sterling Silver

Collar of Turned Red Tagua w/ Sterling Silver    $35.00
Tagua Beads 1/2" x 1/2"      29" long
(Sorry - out of stock)

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