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Amazonian Chocolates and Nuts

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We love chocolate and tasty treats, so we've collected these lines of chocolates, nuts and oils for your enjoyment, also.
   Organic Peruvian chocolate covered nuts, coffee beans and goldenberries  |  Yachana Gourmet chocolate  |  Organic Peruvian brazil nut oils.
And naturally, these chocolate and nut treats are all Fair Trade.

Organic Peruvian Chocolate and Nuts

A collection of brazil nuts in Peru. CANDELA PERU means "Alternative Trade of Non Traditional Products for the Development of Latin America". This fair trade organization works in Madre de Dios, one of the most impoverished Amazonian regions of Peru, since 1989, and they use a social and environmental approach to introduce efficiency, quality and innovation, and to develop non-timber forest products to create value and empower the rural families of the region.

CANDELA PERU has been involved in one of the major economic activities in this area, namely the collection, processing and export of organic brazil nuts. They work with 266 nut harvesters and have been directly involved in supporting and strengthening their organizations.

It is member of the International Federation of Alternative Trade (IFAT), the International Fair Trade Labelling Organizations (FLO), the Rural Agriculture Industry Network of Peru (Red de Agroindustria rural del Perú - REDAR), the National Council of Environment (Comisión Nacional del Medio Ambiente - CAR-MDD/CONAM), the Forest Voluntary Certification Council, of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the Peruvian Institute of Natural Products (Instituto Peruano de Productos Naturales) and is an authorized exporter registered on the International Fair Trade Labelling Organization (FLO). It also has been appointed as member of the founding Board of the recently formed Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT).

We think you're really going to love our new organic chocolate covered brazil nuts, organic chocolate covered coffee beans, and organic chocolate covered goldenberries!

A great present for your favorite chocoholics - Peruvian Organic Chocolate covered brazil nuts, goldenberries and coffee.

Perfect gifts for just about anyone you know. Order enough boxes, because you'll buy them for your friends and then you'll try one and.... you'll decide you need to treat yourself to these organic chocolates!
All of the ingredients are certified organic.

To make these new organic chocolate covered nut, coffee bean and goldenberry treats be an even better gift, tuck 2 boxes into one of our Guatemalan "chocolate bags", shown below.

Organic Chocolate from Peru: chocolate covered brazil nuts, organic chocolate covered coffee beans, plus goldenberries..

Organic Chocolate
Brazil Nut Pieces


Organic Chocolate
Coffee Beans


Organic Chocolate
Dried Goldenberries


(Sorry - out of stock.)

Organic brazil nuts covered with organic chocolate from Peru.

Amazon Flame Organic Chocolate Covered Brazil Nuts     $10.50
8.8 ounces
Organic brazil nuts are lovingly covered with organic chocolate in Peru, and shipped here so you can enjoy a little piece of the Peruvian Amazon.
Organic choclate covered brazil nuts are sure to please anyone who appreciates the fine blending of chocolate and nuts, and understands the values of fair trade and organic growing.

Brazil nuts or brazil seeds from Peru.Only particular species of bees are able to pollinate the brazil nut trees because of the coiled hood and complex yellow flower with sweet nectar. Hence pristine forests, where these large-bodied bees reside, are where brazil nut trees primarily produce fruit. Trees can reach 100-150 feet in height and their trunks can be 3-6.5 feel in diameter, making them among the largest trees in the Amazon Rainforests.

Botanists classify the brazil nut as a seed since in nuts the shell splits in half, with the meat separate from the shell. Shown to the right are brazil nuts encased in its seed coat, and two stages of production.

Aren't the brazil nut pods interesting to see? We also offer Peruvian brazil nut candles in a variety of colors and aromas. Check them out!

brazil nuts from Peru - tasty and healthy.

Amazon Flame
Organic Brazil Nuts


8 ounces, 225 grams

USDA Certified Organic

Organic brazil nuts are a good source of magnesium and thiamine, and a high amount of selenium.

Peruvian Organic Brazil Nut Oils

bottle of brazil nut oil from Peru. cutting open brazil nuts in Peru's rain forests.

Amazon Flame
Organic Cold-Pressed
Brazil Nut Oil

USDA Certified Organic

Are you a cook or do you have a foodie on your gift list? Try this new Amazon Flame Organic Brazil Nut Oil!

Brazil nut oil also is known as a good conditioning oil for hair, in part because of its selenium content. If your hair feels dry or if you have a problem with split ends, you might benefit from brazil nut oil. Brazil nut oil can also moisturize your skin - good hydration will make your skin feel soft and smooth.

The dark glass bottle helps protect this organic brazil nut oil. It may become cloudy below 45F, but will be fine when it warms up a bit. It should be stored tightly capped in a cool, dark place.
Ingredient: Brazil nut oil.

8.5 fluid oz



(Sorry - out of stock.)

3.7 fluid oz



(Sorry - out of stock.)

Brazil Nut oil from Peru flavored with Basil. Brazil Nut oil flavored with Chilis from Peru. Toasted Brazil Nut oil from Peru.

Amazon Flame
Flavored Organic Brazil Nut Oils

Dark glass bottles help protect these flavored brazil nut oils (Bertholletia excelsa).

You'll find lots of uses for flavored organic oils in your salads and cooking. A great way to add an extra bit of flavor so friends and family will be begging for your secret ingredient!

Organic flavored oils are also a thoughtful present for the cook or foodie on your list. Give one bottle of every oil flavor and hope you get asked back for dinner often!

Organic Brazil Nut Oil
with Basil

3.7 ounces

Organic Brazil Nut Oil
with Chili

3.7 ounces

Organic Brazil Nut Oil

3.7 ounces

ALSO in a Larger Size!
Organic Brazil Nut Oil

8.5 ounces

Toasted Organic Brazil Nut Oil has a stronger flavor than the original organic brazil nut oil. About 30% of the nuts are roasted before they rejoin unroasted nuts and are pressed into this tasty organic oil.

Yachana Gourmet Jungle Chocolate

Fresh Cacao from Ecuador.

Like chocolate? Then you'll enjoy this Fair Trade Chocolate!! Cacao Trees produce chocolate beans that are carefully selected, fermented, and dried in special solar dryers.

Next they're roasted to perfection and de-husked, producing little bits of pure chocolate. Nothing is taken out of this chocolate; all the natural cocoa butter and flavor remains! The chocolate bits are then dipped into Amazon cane syrup to provide just a hint of sweetness. They're as rich and natural as the Amazon itself!

Yachana Gourmet Jungle Chocolate with Raisins and Coconut.

1   2-Ounce Box

(Sorry - out of stock.)

From Yachana Gourmet, Jungle Chocolate with Brazil Nuts and Coffee.

1   2-Ounce Box

Carton of 12
2-ounce Boxes

Fair Trade
Yachana Gourmet Jungle Chocolate with Raisins and Coconut

Ingredients: Roasted Cacao Beans, Raisins, Coconut and Sugarcane Juice. Dairy free.
This sweet raisin and shredded coconut combo is a hit!

Fair Trade
Yachana Gourmet Jungle Chocolate with Brazil Nuts and Essence of Coffee

Ingredients: Roasted Cacao Beans, Organic Brazil Nuts, Sugar Cane Syrup and Essence of Coffee. Dairy free.
Two favorite flavors team up to delight you!

Yachana Gourmet buys natural coffee beans from the farmers in the same region where they buy the cocoa. These special beans are roasted, ground, brewed, and cooked down until the consistency is much thicker than a normal coffee. This "essence of coffee" is blended with the natural chocolate bits and organic brazil nuts from Peru, and cooked. In other words, they pour a thick pot of intense coffee flavor in with the pure chocolate bits and brazil nuts - a fair trade chocolate treat!

This is not processed chocolate with added ingredients! Unlike processed chocolate that contains milk, butter, sugar, vanilla and other ingredients, this is truly natural. Yachana Jungle Chocolate will not melt and has a long shelf-life.

Cacao pods growing - hanging in a tree in Ecuador. Harvesting the cacao pods in Ecuador for Yachana Gourmet Chocolates.

A chocolate bar might be eaten in one sitting, but a 2 oz. package of Jungle Chocolate contains lots of servings. Just a few morsels in the palm of your hand are enough to satisfy the cravings of most chocolate lovers. Use them as a trail mix when hiking or camping. Sprinkle them as an ice cream or frozen yogurt topping, add them to baked goods for a nutty and crunchy chocolate taste, and ....well, just let your chocolate imagination go wild!

Not only will you and your chocolate-loving friends love this Jungle Chocolate's great taste, but you'll be making a positive difference in Ecuador through your Fair Trade purchase!

Yachana Gourmet pays farmers 200% to 300% above the local market price for their cacao and adds value by producing this delicious chocolate product. Additionally, Yachana Jungle Chocolate carries the certification of the Fair Trade Federation and all aspects of its production adhere to fair trade principles helping people of the Ecuadorian rainforest live better lives.

The Ecuadorian Government says that this project is a truly viable alternative in Ecuador to industries involved in the growing and trafficking of cocaine.

Guatemalan Drawstring Bag
with 2 Boxes of Ecuadorian Jungle Chocolate    $9.90

Yachana Jungle chocolate.

These Mayan reusable, cotton drawstring bags are perfectly sized to hold 2 boxes of crunchy, natural Yachana Jungle Chocolates from Ecuador. Better than paper wrapping for the environment, and less work for you! (See below to purchase a drawstring bag without any chocolate in it.)

Choose Bag Color:

Chocolate Choices:

12 pack of 2-ounce boxes of natural Yachana Gourmet Chocolates from the Amazon rainforests of Ecuador. Carton of 12 2-ounce Boxes     $38.40

You can purchase a carton of 12 of the 2-ounce boxes of Jungle Chocolate. Now THIS is a Chocoholic's gift! (See above to purchase a carton of your favorite Jungle Chocolate flavor!)

Note to Wholesale Buyers: Your purchase of these natural chocolates will be in these point-of-purchase displays, holding 12 boxes.

Mayan Cotton Drawstring Bags     $3.50

Mayan Cotton Drawstring Bags for 2 packages of Jungle Chocolate.

7" high x 4 3/4" wide
These Guatemalan cotton drawstring bags come in a wide variety of colors and are just the right size for 2 boxes of either the Yachana Jungle Chocolate from Ecuador, or Candela Peru chocolate from Peru. Each bag is hand-made and is reusable as a cellphone bag, eyeglass case or for your collectibles. A small tagua bead from Ecuador decorates the end of the drawstring.

Choose Bag Color:

Yachana Gourmet is just one project of FUNEDESIN (, a non-profit organization, which was founded to help improve the lives of those living in communities along the Napo river in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador. FUNEDESIN strives to find workable solutions in the struggles between the ideals of rainforest preservation and the realities of life in the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin through innovative projects related to education, health care, income generation and agricultural development.

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