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We offer a variety of candles from Peru and Guatemala, along with a couple styles of candleholders. We hope you'll enjoy these fair trade candles.

    Candles: Pillar Candles | Tapered Candles | Brazil Nut Candles
    Candle Holders: Ceramic Candle Holders

All candles should be placed far from flammable objects, and be carefully observed and monitored, especially near children and pets.

Pillar Candles

Pillar Candles from Guatemala City.

New!Our new aromatic pillar candles from Guatemala City come in 3 sizes and 3 scent and color combinations. They're created by a family-owned business, utilizing locally grown scents. Check below for the two styles of ceramic candle holders that will work great with these Guatemalan creations. Look around - you'll find lots of places for these stately candles.

Pillar Color Layers




White, Chocolate Brown, Burgundy




White, Chocolate Brown, Orange




White, Chocolate Brown, Green


6" high



Color / Fragrance Choices:

(Sorry - 6" burgundy is out of stock.)

4" high



Color / Fragrance Choices:

(Sorry - 4" green and orange is out of stock.)

3" high



Color / Fragrance Choices:

(Sorry - 3" burgundy is out of stock.)

Tapered Candles

spiral tapered candles from Guatemala - 5 colors. New!Spiral Tapered Candles   $3.00 each

Available in 5 colors - Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green and Red.

Add a twist of fun with these 4" high Guatemalan tapered candles. The photo shows them in the round ceramic candle holders available for sale below.
(Sorry - out of stock.)

Candle Holders

2 round candle holders from Guatemala - fair trade.

New! Round Candle Holders  $5.00 each

These pottery candle holders are about 2.25" high, their diameter at the top is about 3.5", and there's a 7/8" diameter hole for candle. As you can see, these work well for tapered or pillar style candles.

From Guatemala City, pottery candle bases.
From Guatemala City, pottery candle bases.

New! Square Candle Holders  
Available in 2 sizes, these square candle holders are a pottery square with the corners artfully upturned to create a fun candle holder.

Large Square Candle Holder
5.5" square


Small Square Candle Holder
4.5" square


Brazil Nut Candles

Latina Magazine loves our Brazil Nut Candles - Earth-friendly stuff to be eco-chic.
Latina Magazine - November cover and Earth-friendly pages.

We'd like to welcome readers of Latina Magazine who saw us highlighted in the article entitled Earth-friendly stuff: Everything you need to be eco-chic.

We hope you'll help support the Peruvian people to earn a living through their imaginative reuse of brazil nut husks.

These candles are handmade from the pods of Brazil Nut trees in the Amazon Rain Forest of Peru. The wicks are lead-free. The wax is a mix of palm oil and paraffin, with lots of colors and fragrances from which to choose.

$12.00 each

Green Apple (Apple scent), Periwinkle Blue (Rose scent), and Pink (Gardenia scent) Brazil Nut candles handmade in Peru. White (Coconut scent), Yellow (lemon scent), Orange (Mandarin scent) Brazil Nut candles handmade in Peru.



Green Apple


Periwinkle Blue












The Brazil Nuts are removed from the pod, and sold in the local Peruvian market. The harvesters then transform a "waste" item, the pod, into a fine rain forest gift for you. Each candle is approximately 3.5 - 4 inches in diameter.

You'll love the texture of the Brazil Nut pod, and these fantastic fragrances. Plus, you'll know that you helped reuse a renewable resource from the Rainforest and provide much needed income to the Peruvian people.

Below are our Classic Best-Selling Candles. Each of these colors is also available unscented.

Burgundy red (cinnamon scent), Baby blue (Carnation scent) and Vanilla color and scent Brazil Nut candle.



Pastel Pink


Baby Blue
(new color, but not pictured here)




By supporting renewable resources and local peoples, your candle purchase is helping to protect the rain forest for future generations.

Brazil Nut Candles     $12.00
(Sorry - Unscented Blue is out of stock.)

UnScented Candle
Color Choices:

(Sorry - Some Scents are out of stock.)

Scented Candle
Color / Fragrance Choices:



Product Code

Green Apple




Bouquet of Grapes

BOU   (not pictured yet)

Baby Blue


CAR   (not pictured yet)

Pastel Pink






Pale Green


EUC   (not pictured yet)

Forest Green


EVE   (not pictured yet)

Lime Green


FLO   (not pictured yet)




Pastel Blue


LAV   (not pictured yet)

Creamy Yellow



Soft Orange

Mandarin Orange


Periwinkle Blue



Burnt Orange

(extract of wild Allspice berries)

SPI   (not pictured yet)


(citrus aroma of Bergamot,
Petitgrain & Lime)

TWI   (not pictured yet)

Burgundy Red

Under the Tree

UND   (not pictured yet)





(floral essence of Tuberose
& Sandalwood)

VEL   (not pictured yet)

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Did you know... that Brazil Nuts grow naturally only in areas that have a 3 to 5 month dry season.

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